Headstarter App

March 2022 - Present Screen shot of Headstarter App with navbar on the left and course list on the right

Headstarter App is a Next.js based web app that empower the startup's ambition to help students boost their career success by "gamifying" SWE learning experience and prompting personalized feedback.
The app is built with a microservice architecture utilizing various AWS products and is currently in development. I am mainly responsible for creating frontend components using Material UI library, and connecting to DynamoDB and Cognito using Lambda functions deployed on AWS CDK.
It has 350+ monthly active users and handles 1000+ requests per day.

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Clinique Go

October 2019 Five people holding a check of $1500

During the 2019 Estée Lauder Companies Hackathon, my team and I developed an iOS and watchOS app utilizing product recycling and rewarding procedure, enhancing customer experience across sub-company brands, while improving corporate revenue and enabling buying pattern analysis.
I particularly created a machine learning model using Azure Machine Learning Studio from Microsoft in order to provide accurate recommendation on related products once recycling is completed.
We were awarded the first place among student hackers.

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Don't Let The N95 Fall

March 2020 Screen shot of Don't Let The N95 Fall with blue background, white title and a few buttons

This is a class project I built in my software engineering class. It is a fully functional HTML5 game powered by Phaser JavaScript framework, along with PHP and SQLite as backend. The game can be played on both desktop and mobile devices, and users may register an account to store their game data and compete against each other.
It has been awarded a grade of A.

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Shared Solar NYC Gateway

July 2019 - December 2020 Screen shot of Shared Solar NYC Gateway with a skyline and four buttons

Shared Solar NYC Gateway is solar electricity initiative from Sustainable CUNY, at which I am currently working since summer 2019. Powered by PHP and MySQL, this application enables potential connection between interested subscribers and solar developers. I helped build a user import and export plugin in PHP, as well as a frontend form validation mechanism using jQuery.

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November 2018 Screen shot of WheelGo presentation first page with title and logo

During the Lehman Hacks 2018 hackathon, my team and I built a universal mobile app using React Native to create a LBS solution to provide assistance for persons with disabilities. It automatically activates when users approach a supported public space, whose space managers will then receive a notification about their arrival for further help.
We were awarded "The Best Use of Map API" for this project.

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TechTogether New York Website

July 2019 Screen shot of TechTogether New York Website with title and logo

As the Co-Director of Technology at TechTogether New York 2019 hackathon, I built this static website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Specifically, CSS3 animation and transition are heavily used to optimize user experience. Multiple libraries including BootStrap and animate.css are used to speed up development. The website is rearranged to support different viewports including mobile and tablet.

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